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Posted by on Aug 2, 2016 in Information Management, What's new | 0 comments

Is lyricising Information Management possible?

Is lyricising Information Management possible?

This poem was written in April 2016 as an introduction to a seminar on Information Management organised by CartONG with different NGOs.


Information Management

An expression that brings to a lot of people’s mind masses of dizzying statistics,

Reducing one’s free will for decision, with surveys, graphs and cryptic analytics-

Not forgetting time spent trying to unravel the data’s naval knot

With a magical tool you were initially told would be the perfect jackpot.


I however see it as the building of a network of cross-country roads

Helping connect an isolated delegation governed by emergency workloads

To a world of do-it-yourself guidelines through which they can progress

With the feeling that their whole organization is supporting them in the process.


Each highway or motorway there to favor long-distance interaction

Best practices from elsewhere issued through heightened communication-

Local streets also helping each decision be an informed choice,

With cross-road signs on the way carrying the organisation’s voice.


The guiding principle is that each road is bi-directional:

The field staff needs to take the time to make the data digestible,

Turning it into information unredundantly relevant and reliable,

While in HQ they set up the system to make it easily shareable.


That’s information management for me today

A global road network where all staff have a role to play

Organizational knowledge growing (keeping turnover issues at bay)

Structured say available without you having to wait another day!


Maeve de France (with visual representation by Sylvie De Laborderie)



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