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Posted by on Sep 5, 2018 in GIS, What's new | 0 comments

Drone imagery: a comparison of 3 UAV post-treatment software

Drone imagery: a comparison of 3 UAV post-treatment software

CartONG is releasing a comparison between 3 UAV post-treatment software. After a previous project in 2016 with FSD and UAViator, CartONG has gained more experiences in post-treatment images. UNHCR being interested by this technology, CartONG worked on this software comparison.

Capture comparisonFor this first comparison, the choice was made to focus on 3 commercial tools. In the future, CartONG intends to release a similar comparison for open-source software.

The three software were selected for the following reasons: CartONG already used Pix4D for a mission with partner, Drone2Map is the ESRI solution and we daily work with their other products for one of our main partner and finally, AgiSoft was a literature recommendation we wanted to try.

The comparison is built around the analysis of the ergonomics of the software, and the quality of the images produced: point cloud, orthomosaic and elevation model.

If you’d like to learn more about the original project between CartONG & FSD, please refer to the news article about our mission in Tajikistan and the 6-day training exercise in Switzerland which aimed at helping an international team of humanitarian staff learn how to use drones to better plan and manage a refugee camp.

The full report is available here: CartONG_UAV_posttreatment_software_comparison

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